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Counselling at Integrate hk is grounded in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Conversations focus on helping clients identify their strengths and resources. The counsellor then asks questions designed to build a picture of the client’s preferred future. We also encourage people to recognise times when they were successful against a problem, or were able to lessen the severity of it. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is an approach that looks for what is happening when things are going right, rather than focussing on problems.

Our counselling service is offered to individuals – both adults and children – couples and families. 

Counselling can support:


  • Individuals in their journeys to achieve positive life changes
  • Couples seeking to improve their relationships
  • Parents to develop positive parenting strategies
  • Children to develop effective behaviours and appropriate social responses
  • Youth and parents to develop positive relationships
  • Children, youth and adults to develop positive self-esteem, confidence and social competence