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Cert. IV (Kinesiology)
ITEC Dip. Anatomy & Physiology
B.A (Hons)
Registered Kinesiologist & Mindfulness Coach

Kate is committed to helping you achieve the balanced, healthy and happy life you deserve and will work with you towards optimum health and emotional wellbeing.  Her work with energy healing and  kinesiology spans many years, though she now uses mainly the NeuroEnergetic and Applied Physiology branches of Kinesiology. This is due to the results she has observed with this system, its clear structure and the combination of a Western understanding of Anatomy and Physiology with Eastern energy medicine (such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian system and the Indian Chakra system).She finds that this approach, together with meditation and practical home and / or diet support, is extremely effective in helping children and adults to move forward. Its worth noting that if people do not wish to talk about a problem Kinesiology can still be incredibly effective which is why it can be a helpful avenue to support other forms of talk-therapy or when there is an impasse.

The first job Kate held was as a NET teacher – this began her lifelong love of working with children! She then held a high-pressure career in event and project management, which ended in 2008 leaving her with chronic stress and a host of ‘incurable’ conditions, struggling with IBS, migraines, psoriasis, hyperthyroidism and depression! Kinesiology, meditation and a healthy lifestyle helped her to turn things around so effectively that she retrained and has been working to help others since then.

Kate holds a Certificate IV in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (Australia) and numerous additional advanced certificates such as hormone balancing, pathology and physiology, acupressure, nutrition, the immune system and vaccinations, the brain & neuro-emotional programming, energetic systems of the body, needle-less acupuncture and Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Support.

Aside from her Anatomy & Physiology training, Kate’s practical experience with various types of massage, reflexology and Cranial Release Therapy have given her an in-depth knowledge of the body. She works with the WHOLE person helping to uncover and address problems wherever they may show up. As Kinesiology uses muscle response testing to get direct feedback from the body/mind/energy it can be used effectively on people of all ages – you do not need to know (or want to talk about) what is behind the issue as your body will show the Kinesiologist the priority.

Kate has worked with children and teens with anxiety, emotional stress, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, digestive issues and sleep concerns, often supporting the parents with stress management or chronic health problems alongside this! She has helped her adult clients with numerous problems such as insomnia, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions and goals. She believes practical home advice and on-going support are crucial and works with clients to maximize their results and that helping children right now is far better than waiting until situations become more complex. The various non-invasive ‘correction’ techniques she uses include, acupressure, needle-less acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedies, coaching and counseling, Reiki, dietary or simple nutrition advice, meditations, EFT, stress-relief and neuro-lymphatic points.

Kate has studied Vipassana and Mindfulness meditation and is fascinated by the brain! She co-wrote and teaches Inner Rainbow Mindfulness for All Ages Courses in schools and other locations around Hong Kong (a comprehensive mindfulness, whole body health and emotional wellbeing programme). She is committed to making Meditation and Mindfulness simple, enjoyable and accessible to people of all ages and getting more families to meditate. She leads meditation and mindfulness in small or large groups. The focus is on making it practical and making it an integral part of your overall health as well as using mindfulness to gain a new perspective and understanding of our feelings and our body. She is delighted to be bringing this to Integrate HK and supporting more children and their families.

Kate is also available for Reiki treatments for adults and older children and can offer a 30 minute ‘lunch-break’ reiki recharge!