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Yolanda Lopez

Registered Business Coach – WABC
Certified Corporate Coach – AICI
YB12 Coach

English, French, Spanish, German

Yolanda Caravaca Lopez is a registered Corporate Coach in the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and certified Corporate Coach by the Asia Innovative Coaching Institute (AICI). She is familiar in Cognitive Behavioural techniques and is a recognized YB12 Coach.

Beginning her career as a French, Spanish and German teacher, Yolanda found that she was passionate about assisting and developing her students further than just language. Yolanda challenges and guides her clients to lead a life of self-responsibility, consistency, helping them avoid self-sabotage and reach their full potential.

Having been through her own divorce, remarriage and changing dynamics of merging families, Yolanda can bring a personal edge to her coaching combined with extensive academic study and experience.

Specialist Areas:


  • Harmony at Home
  • Become a More Confident Parent
  • Communication with your Child
  • Third Parent: The Media
  • Importance of School
  • Having a Child with Learning Difficulties
  • My Child is Chronically Ill.

Young Adult

  • Insecurities About The Future
  • Gap Year or Not Gap Year
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sexual Identification
  • Communication with Parents