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Providing Therapy Care Solutions

Child & Family Services and Parent Training

Play Therapy, Counselling and Parent Training

Happy Children

About Integrate HK

Integrate HK offers a variety of Therapy Services and Home Support 

  • Play Therapy

  • Parent - Child Attachment Play (P - CAP)

  • Counselling

  • Parent Training / Home Support

  • Online Parent Courses

  • Speech and Language Therapy

We understand the importance of parent collaboration, psychoeducation and home support alongside the individual therapy sessions that we provide.


Empowering families is a crucial part of our therapy process, where families can strengthen their knowledge and support at home. We understand that collaboration is the key to success and that ensuring families are supported outside of therapy plays an important role during the therapy intervention.


We value ongoing professional development and use evidence-based approaches within our sessions. We draw upon this learning to provide home support and engaging and focused therapy sessions that support our clients through the challenges they are facing.


We are truly passionate about wanting our clients to feel cared for and supported outside of therapy and feel empowered to use the strategies, tools and techniques that families learn at Integrate HK. 

  • Parent Support

  • Partnership and Communication

  • Home Support - strategies, tools and products

  • Psychoeducation

  • Respect for individuality

  • Quality Contemporary Practice

  • Reaching Potential

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Confidential & Professional Service

  • Psychoeducation - providing evidence based therapeutic educational support and information to families

  • Home Support - providing tools, strategies and support to help families cope with emotions and behaviour at home

  • Therapy Tools - providing tools to help manage and cope with emotions and behaviour 

  • Early intervention – evidence shows that early intervention is key to successful therapy outcomes

  • Evidence-based approaches – we are a highly skilled, professional team. We use effective, contemporary approaches

  • Confidentiality – Information that you share with us will not be disclosed without your consent, unless safety is at risk

  • Team approach –when children, parents, therapists and teachers all work together, therapy has a greater chance of being successful

  • Professional development – our therapists are continually improving their skills so they can provide the best service possible

Integrate HK promotes:

Our Values:

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