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Nikki is a truly professional therapist and coach. She is always putting her heart and best effort to help my child. I am very impressed with her patience, deep understanding and objective perspective on every single issue that I have discussed with her on my child.

Not only does she care about helping my child, she has also provided me a lot of great parenting advice. I found that my relationship with my child has improved a lot. My child has also opened up himself a lot more to others after attending only a few lessons of the social skills workshop.

I want to thank Nikki for being with us on this journey and we look toward to continue working with her.

Mother of 8 year old client

My son has been attending Nikki’s Social Squad since this April. He really enjoys going to her class and is looking forward to each Friday for it. I am so happy to see that his social skills have improved and he started to have more interactions with the other kids. Nikki is an amazing therapist who not only understands my son’s needs but also offers lots of useful advices to me from a mother’s perspective. We are so lucky to have Nikki as my son’s therapist!


Mother of 6 year old client

My daughter was quite emotional at school and that’s why I wanted to seek help from professional therapists. My daughter has started Miss Nikki’s class since April 2016. I found that she has improved a lot and becomes more expressive now. Miss Nikki is patient and my daughter always looks forward to attending her class every Friday. Thanks Miss Nikki!

Mother of a 5 year old girl

Miss Nikki Guy is a very patient and kind play therapist. My son had attended play therapy for half year around. I could see the positive change of his behaviour to following Play Therapy. He has improved in concentration. He no longer fidgets and can focus for longer during activities and finish task. He is more kind, respectful and has improvements in his social development.

Mother of 5 yr old client

My 5-year old son was suffered from mild ASD and severe separation anxiety, and Nikki came highly recommended when we were looking a play therapist. My son had seen her for 6 months in 2016. Nikki is an exceptional therapist who truly cares for the kids she treats. She was able to quickly establish a close bond with my son, understand him and work with him through a variety of tools and techniques. I was amazed how quickly my son opened himself up to her! Not only that Nikki had helped me understand my son better, and gave me the much needed support when I struggled with my son’s issues; more importantly, my son’s anxiety had improved noticeably, he has become a much more happy and confident boy who enjoys life! Thank you so much Nikki, you definitely have made a positive difference in our life!

Mother of 5 year old client

I am thankful that I’ve met Nikki. She is very knowledgeable and perceptive. She is easy to speak with and has offered many useful suggestions on how to handle some of our kid’s behaviour.

Mother of 5 year old client

Nikki is great. She is able to provide some very insightful analysis of my kid’s state of mind and ways to help open up my boy. It took a bit of time and effort but at the end we think the time and effort we spent was well worth it.

Father of a 7 year old boy

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