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Parent - Child Attachment Play 

“No work is more important than spending time connecting, playing and bonding with you"

When a child is experiencing emotional - behavioural issues, it may mean that their primary attachment / relationship (usually the parent) has broken down somehow, causing wobbles within the relationship. Parent - Child Attachment Play can be used as a safe and gentle approach to help rebuild the attachment, which in turn, improves the quality of the relationship and the behaviour of the child.

Parent - Child Attachment Play (P - CAP) is a play based 10 week program that is based on the latest attachment research, which has been proven to lay the foundation for development of healthy relationships and behaviour. This program is for parents who want to improve their relationship with their child (3 - 15 years) and reduce any behaviours that their child is displaying that are concerning them. 

The P - CAP sessions involve both the parent and the child, which includes the P - CAP practitioner sharing specific skills in order to strengthen the relationship and reduce behavioural issues.

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